Bringing Framed Photo to Life

Lifetimes of photographers have resulted in Framed Photo. Your living room wall will be decorated by generations of photography experience.

Framed Photo

My Story

I’m Paul, a passionate photographer and founder of Framed Photo. I specialise in fine art photography prints, architecture photography, and thoughtful wall art.

My story is similar to many successful artists. My interest in photography began in my grandfather’s studio when I was only 5. He would bring me along on his photoshoot sessions and I’d fall in love with watching him develop the photos and his trade. Explore more stories

Framed Photos

Today I take that childhood intrigue and turn it into an artistic expression.
City prints, framed wall art, corporate photography – everything I create for you is supported by generations of passion for fine art photography.

Fine Art Photography

This art form is more than clicking a button. True masterpieces come from creativity, innovation, and a passion for the perfect shot. I’ve created countless pieces of unforgettable wall art. From wood wall art to architecture photography, whatever your style – I’ve got the perfect piece.