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Architecture has an interesting way of impacting those who experience it. Seeing a physical manifestation of culture and engineering, as well as the cumulative efforts of countless hands, standing stark against the backdrop of history, resonates with people on a level that is difficult to match in any other way.

Interestingly, you don’t even need to be in the presence of some of these works of art to be immersed in this experience. Photography, particularly city photography, can transport the viewer into a place they have never been. It can give them a glimpse of the wonder and awe that results from standing in the shadow of these testaments to human effort and ingenuity.

There is nowhere that this is more apparent than in Dresden, Germany. The architecture tells a story that is rich in history. It also tells stories of tragedy, triumph, and everything in between, exactly what you would expect of a city that has been present, in some form, since the 12thcentury.



No European centre would be complete without a grand opera house. The Semperoper has classically been the home of the Saxton State Opera and even though it was levelled in the bombing of Dresden, it still holds that title today. The beautiful stonework and baroque-style architecture needed to be rebuilt and exactly 40 years after the bombing, it was re-opened to the public. Images of this amazing building are perfect for large-scale, wall art-size prints.

Travelling Through and Capturing Dresden

Capturing Dresden, in all its glory, is an absolute pleasure for those who love photography. The past speaks, wanting to tell its story. Countless sunrises and sunsets have graced these buildings, this city and its people. Photography provides a window into the heart of this wondrous and exciting place.

What can be hard to grasp, for many outsiders, is that much of the architecture and many of the structures present in Dresden today are a recent development, even though they have the look of older buildings. Why? The Allied bombings in 1945 levelled the city, reducing much of the existing architecture in the city core to rubble.

The collective effort and will of the people rebuilt the city, returning it to its former glory. Some architecture was chosen to be rebuilt as it once was, others chosen to be left as a memory. Today, there are many amazing places to visit and photograph, giving a travelling photographer many opportunities to capture this amazing city.

The Beauty of Dresden

Some of the most popular tourist destinations in Dresden, Germany, are some of the most beautiful to shoot. While there are many lesser-known and equally striking spots to capture, these often-visited locations are well worth the trip to get a stunning photograph. Here are some of the best spots in the city to catch a stunning and memorable image.

The Vantage Point of Time

One of the absolute best places to snap a photo is the view of the skyline from Neustadt (New Town) to Altstadt (Old Town). There is no better place in all of Dresden to capture unforgettable moments that you can keep and display forever.

This vantage point takes a bit of climbing to get to but for those who make the journey, they are gifted with a view of the city that many do not get the privilege to enjoy. Seeing the full skyline of Dresden, in all of its splendour and glory, with its spires and towers in full view, is a sight to remember.


Neustadt (New Town)

Just because a city has history and character, doesn’t mean it needs to be boring or drab. New Town is the part of the city that has everyone talking, excited to be part of the atmosphere that permeates the area. A multi-cultural hub like none other in Germany (other than perhaps Berlin), the Neustadt is the place to be part of the action.

Looking for a pub? You have endless choices. How about a bite to eat? Restaurants and food vendors are there to serve you delicious, freshly cooked German delicacies that will have you coming back for more. Neustadt is a great place to take photographs, chill with friends or simply spend time enjoying yourself if you are in Dresden.


River boats played a central role in the development of Dresden. Naval technology has changed and so have the river boats but classic, vintage boats are still available to visit and photograph. These boats give ample opportunities for exquisite shots of the city from beautiful vantage points.

Dresden Funicular Railway

For interesting and unique angles of the city, the funicular railway is the way to get there. Much of the funicular railway was preserved from the bombing of Dresden (other than the lower station) and has been rejuvenated many times over the years, making it a wondrous way to travel the city. It also serves as a great backdrop for city photography at any time of day.


Another example of classic architecture that was destroyed and needed to be rebuilt, Zwinger is a must-see. The gardens, the fountains and the museums are all exquisite and the outer fortification wall (which Zwinger is named after) makes for great shots, particularly at sunset and sunrise.

Known as a representation of a Gesamptkunstwerk, translated roughly as a “complete work of art”, the Zwinger is enjoyed by many people, all year round. It is free to enter the grounds and for those who listen and look, it is telling its long and storied history at every bend and corner. One of the very best areas from which to capture an amazing photo is on the second floor, overlooking the buildings. It serves as the perfect backdrop for a wonderful moment with friends or as the centerpiece of a powerful and moving photograph of Dresden’s architecture.


The footprint of the church as it stands today has seen many iterations of this religious building. From Catholic to Protestant, many faiths have gathered here, under the dome of this beautiful piece of architectural art. Capped with one of the largest church domes in Europe, many photographers have flocked here to catch the rays of a sunrise or sunset dance off its classic design. Rebuilt after the Allied bombing in 1945, it stands as more than a church now. Representative of the peace that now exists in this land, Frauenkirche is a must-see for the travelling photographer.


Dresden Castle

Once the seat of all of the power in the area, the Dresden Castle is a sight to see. Having stood in some form since the 1200’s, it has been rebuilt, destroyed, rebuilt, modernized, destroyed and rebuilt again. Ongoing restoration continues to reinvigorate the castle and in the place of a seat of power, a seat of history, holding museums dedicated to art and history. Photographs of this wonderful location can easily be turned into wall art, displaying its beauty in the grandeur it deserves.

Dresden Castle

River Elbe Embankment

If you find wall art or prints from Dresden, they are likely to be from the Elbe River embankment. One of the most picturesque locations in the city, tourists and locals alike flock to the area to enjoy the river, get on river boats and bask in one of the crown jewels of Dresden.

River Elbe Embankment

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With so many amazing vantage points and options to choose from, photographing Dresden is an absolute blast. From endless angle shots and rich history melded seamlessly with modern experiences to splendid architecture that leaves you in awe, Dresden has it all.

For those who want to have a piece of this beautiful city (or any of the other beautiful cities I’ve had the pleasure of visiting). Bring the beauty of these amazing places into your home with these prints and get a taste of the wide world that is out there, waiting for you.